Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wash Day Braidout

This week I am 3.5 weeks post but in some parts of my head it feels like 5! The crown of my head definitely has a 1/2 inch of new growth but my hair in general is pretty manageable. I was pretty uninspired this washday b/c I was disappointed that my new product hasn't arrived yet. I considered putting my washday off until it came but that was impossible especially with this castor oil challenge I'm doing.
I began today's washday by pre-pooing with olive oil and castor oil and massaging it into my scalp. I left the pre-poo on for about 15 minutes, b/c I really wanted to get into the shower b4 the hot water was depleted for the night.
 It was also my clarify week and I just started using Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap in Hemp Rose. So far I love it to wash my body/face with and I had read that a lot of people love it as a shampoo.---Yea not me it's way too thin and I feel like I used a lot more product than I really needed. And even after all that my hair didn't feel clean the way my face/body does with the soap, or even the way my hair normally does after my usual shampoos.
I squeezed out the excess water and sprayed my black tea rinse on my scalp and raise and left that on for 25 minutes. I think I may be a spring shedder b/c my shedding has increased as of late. On top of the BTR I applied my DC (KeraCare Humecto, Hello Hydration, Olive Oil, Castor Oil) and left it on for 35 minutes.
When I rinsed my DC out my hair felt okay and I t-shirt dried for an hour. My leave-ins this week were the Kera Care and I used the Organix Penetrating Moroccan Oil Serum to detangle my hair. I lost very little hair due to the BTR I believe. I left my hair dry about 90%, which means super big hair, then started to style it. 
This week I really didn't want to do anything special so I did a 2 braid, braid-out on pretty big hair. Here are the results... 


  1. Do you always mix your keracare humecto with regular condutioner abd why?
    I use it too but prefer it alone without additions.

    Like the outcome of your braidout :-)

    1. Thank you! No I do not always mix my Keracare Humecto, although I have noticed that I have been doing so lately. I think its b/c it is so thick and my bottle is starting to run low, so I am trying to savor it lol. This is hands down my favorite DC and my Hello Hydration is my favorite cheapie conditioner so it just works out like that. When I repurchase the product in the future I will not be mixing it I'm sure.

  2. I've never tried the hello hydration conditioner but always read good reviews about it. I think i should buy a bottel if it next time i drive to our drugstore.


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