Friday, February 28, 2014

Wash Day 9 weeks Post!

This post is actually from last weekend but I'm just now finding the time to post :/. Anyways, I have 3 more weeks until I relax at 12 weeks post, and so far the Wig Challenge has been going great. I am currently rocking a wavy u-part that I installed at 8 weeks post. The wig has combs attached and I remove it at night to moisturize and seal my braids.

This week I pre-pooed overnight with coconut oil, and the night before I detangled and separated with Mane n'tail detangler using my Hercules Sagemann comb. For the first time I decided to keep my hair braided throughout the entire wash day, and  I braided my hair into 8 braids.

My "hard protein"
The next morning I kept the braids in while I "washed" my hair using and ACV and water mixture on my scalp. I'm big on recycling items in my house for other uses so I chose to use this contact solution bottle lol.

ACV water mix 1part acv 2 part H2O
I had yet to do a hard protein treatment this stretch so I decided to use the ORS Replenishing Pak for 2 hours while still in braids.

Before rinsing out my hair I un-did the braids so that i could rinse out all the products. I followed up my deep conditioner with my smoothing conditioner, Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Conditioner and left that in for about 5 minutes.

shed hair after air-drying
Once my hair was rinsed out I realized I did not like how "un-clean" my hair felt. Next time I try the ACV I will look into a "cleansing conditioner" so that I'm not using shampoo but I'm still cleaning my hair. I t-shirt dried and air dried my hair as usual. Once my hair was about 80% dry I began my braid pattern for the curly u-part wig I am currently rocking.
Wet n- wavy install

It was overall a decent wash day with very little shedding or tangles for 9 weeks post!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ordered my Hercules Sagemannn Seamless Comb!

It's has been awhile since I posted a washday post, but I was excited to share how I liked my new comb. This week I am 6 weeks post relaxer and I have 6 more weeks to go. My new growth has remained unbelievably soft due to my homemade moisturizer. The past few weeks I have kept my hair braided underneath my wigs until washday, moisturizing and sealing as needed. This regimen has proven to work so well the last couple of months, that I am going to be doing a year long wig challenge in 2014! I will be doing a whole separate post on wigs sometime this month.

DETANGLE: I started by taking down the four braids that my hair had been in since Monday. I carefully detangled my hair using my new Hercules Sagemann 5580 seamless comb. My hair was pretty damp from my hot yoga class, so I did not use any products to detangle. I lost an average amount of hair, but the process was significantly shorter and I didn't hear any breaking of strands.

PRE-POO: I separated my hair into quadrants and slathered coconut oil to each section. I used a plastic cap to cover my head while I waited around for about 30 minutes. 

WASH: I washed with Organix Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo after I rinsed out the coconut oil. I am looking to add another moisturizing shampoo because most of mine are clarifying. 

TREATMENT: Every two weeks or so I try to incorporate a light protein treatment into my regimen. Since the beginning of my journey I have been using Aphogee's 2 minute Reconstructor which I used this week after rinsing out my shampoo.

DEEP CONDITIONING: After squeezing out the the excess water from my hair, I used my favorite deep conditioner Kera Care Humecto.  I deep conditioned for about an hour while I slept for awhile.

SMOOTHING: After deep conditioning I rinsed out my hair and followed with Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Daily Treatment. I usually leave the treatment on for a few minutes while I finish my regular shower activities. (3-5 mins)

April Lace Wigs- Review coming soon
DRYING: I t-shirt dried my hair while I slept some more lol.. My workout had my so exhausted that day.. I applied my regular leave ins Aphogee Green Tea Restructorizer and Elasta QP's leave-in. I separated my hair into the same quadrants as earlier while I detangled each section with my new seamless comb. At 6 weeks post I lost very little strands and the detangling process went a lot smoother.

STYLING: Lastly, I braided my hair in 4 braids to fit underneath the wig I'm currently wearing. It's about time I either make or order a new wig, but for now it's getting the job done:)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

LLL Anniversary!!!

It has officially been one year since I first started this blog!!! I have enjoyed documenting the trials of my hair journey. I am surprised by how much I enjoy blogging and I plan to make more time to blog this year. Reading hair blogs is definitely one of my guilty pleasures and enjoy sharing my trials with others.

After a year of blogging I am ready for a new clean look to begin our year. This month (January) has been spent changing the face of my blog. I have so many posts in my drafts that I am hoping to be able to share soon.

  Finally, I love interacting with you all and receiving comments.Loving my hair and looking forward to another year of blogging :)

Thanks so much for reading and following along on my journey. HHJ!