Friday, July 19, 2013

Week 8 Check In

I thought I was too cute with my 18inches lol
Actually I am officially 9 weeks post but we'll just go with it lol. So at 7 weeks post I did something that I am kicking my butt for! I allowed a friend of mine to do a quick weave for the 4th of July holiday. I mentioned earlier that I would probably try out a new shop to straighten my hair, but the weave sounded easier. Well she didn't use a cap because we didn't have one, but she convinced me of another option. We used a protective serum that is supposed to create a barrier between your hair and the glue. Long story short I spent the weekend washing and re-washing my hair to remove all the glue smh! My fingers were literally wrinkled from all the washing. I lost soo much hair from trying to comb it out, and once again my hair is noticeably thinner.
For the time being my hair is under a wig until I feel up to evaluating the damage. I am thinking about getting a pretty serious trim with my next relaxer since my ends will be even thinner now. That way I can start fresh with blunt ends and begin babying my hair again. Sew-ins will be the death of my hair journey lol... I need to just stick to my wigs. I know more than anybody that they are no shortcuts in this journey.
Besides all of that my hair was growing beautifully. I had a huge air-dried bun that I was wearing about 90% of the time. My new growth was more manageable from the increase in co-washes which I realize my hair really loves. According to my ticker factory my next relaxer is just 22 days away :). This is my last professional relaxer before I take on the challenge of self relaxing, which I am super excited. I can finally have my hair texlaxed to my liking.  I start my last year of undergrad in exactly a month, but I do plan to get back to my weekly posts.