Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Hair Goals

Wigging on NYE 2014
I can truly say I had an amazing year in 2013. I saw a lot of personal growth and met a lot of goals that I set for my self. From school, work, skin, hair, and physically I set out goals and met them. I have learned a lot that I would like to take with me in 2014.

What's to come in 2014??

1. Makeover BLOG: A year ago this month, I started blogging and it has been a great experience. There were a few months that I barely posted, but I am aiming for 3 posts a month this year. Also this month I am going to be doing a whole makeover for LLL because it's time to freshen it up.

2. FOUR Relaxers: I relaxed in February, May, August, October, and December of 2013. This year I am aiming to relax once every 3 months. 12 weeks post is my limit and I do not want to go past that.

3. QUARTERLY TRIMS: Ever since cutting my hair in August, (Which was the best thing I did for my hair all year!) I have fallen in love with my ends. I want to maintain the health of my ends to my best ability. Who knew that people would be complementing me on my healthy ends after all the troubles I've had with them.

4. WIGGING: Since my cut I've been experimenting with wigs to help protect my hair. Wigs are so far my favorite protective style. They allow me to have access to my hair, and they still look amazing :) I am taking the plunge and wigging about 90% of the year, only wearing my hair out to relax.

5. PURCHASING: Seamless comb, Steamer, New Flat Iron?? (sedu/ babybliss)

No length goals! Just to enjoy growing my NL hair out. BTW Taraji is the short bob Queen, she just gives me sooo much life.