Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wash Day 2.9 Flexi-rods

After taking out my flexi-rods
As my semester is coming to a close my wash days have to  be pre-planned and organized ahead of time. I will be getting a relaxer after my finals so the next few wash days are crucial do to the amount of new growth I have/will have.

Pre-pooed using grapeseed oil with VO5 Moisture Milk's Strawberries and Creme layered over the grapeseed oil. There is no real rational as for why I used these two, but I have been pretty heavy on castor oil this week so I didn't think I needed to add it. I left my pre-poo on for an hour under a plastic cap and bonnet.

Washed with Organix Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo in 2 sections. This is  probably one of the most tedious things that I have incorporated in my HHJ. I really do not like washing in sections lol, but as I get further in my stretch is seems necessary.

I sprayed my Black Tea Rinse in the shower to assist with clean up and left it on for another 20 minutes.

To deep condition I used the remainder of my Kera Care Humecto Creme conditioner under my conditioning cap for 50 minutes. I also just purchased a 16oz bottle today from for on 19.99. It's on sale now so if anyone is low I would suggest getting it now. Next time I repurchase this product I may have to upgrade to the 5lb tub.... it's just the best stuff out!

I finished in the shower with Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Daily Treatment and left it on for 7 minutes before rinsing out. I love how much this makes a difference on my drying time, I have even began to use it during my co-wash day on the weekend.

T-shirt dried for about 8 minutes then detangled with Aphogee Keratin Green Tea Leave-In and Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum. Today's wash did have a little more shedding than last week but I think I need to make a new batch of Black tea for my rinse.

Then I installed about 16-17 flexi-rods on 75% dry hair using only grape seed oil and water. I was going to use a wrap lotion but of course I let a friend borrow it back in December and the rest is history lol. Gotta love friends. Here are the results.
Finished product not too bad

After an extremely uncomfortable night of sleep... ( I may need to start looking into curlformers for over-night sleeping and save the flexi-rods for under the dryer)

Out enjoying the spring weather :)
I put these bad boys in with no rhyme or reason lol

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wash Day 2.8 + * 8 week check in

      Let me start off by saying that  I was in no mood to deal with my hair, and even considered putting my wash day off. I was in a car accident the other day so I am stressed out dealing with insurance companies and body shops. I did my best to give my hair some type of attention but my mind was really somewhere else. Somehow I still managed to get great results!
air dry- low quality
       I am currently 8 weeks post and my hair/ new growth is really soft. Since my last check-in at 4 weeks I have cut a few chunks out of my hair :/. Unfortunately I had a now annual hair drug test and they have to cut my hair from the follicle!!! The lady tried to pick discrete places in my hair but I was still pretty bummed out. She ended up cutting from 3 different places in the back of my hair--- honestly I wanted to take those scissors and cut her with them lol. Not totally joking tho. Now I have some explaining to do at the salon when I get my next relaxer.
new growth shot 8w. post
texlaxed roots to bone straight ends
Since getting the cut I have really been considering cutting off my straight ends, since we're just snipping away. I know my hair would look a billion times nicer and thicker if I did so but we will see, I have a few more weeks to think about it.
      Now that my blog is 3 months old I can go back to my last stretch and see how my hair looked at 8 weeks post. Unfortunately I cannot tell if I have more or less new growth than I did last time, but I can say that my hair feels a lot better than it even has since I have been taking care of it. 

On to my wash day:
1. pre-poo V-O5 clarifying conditioner, small amounts of grapeseed oil, coconut oil, evoo, & castor oil- not sure how long I left it on but def over an hour
2. wash Organic Root Stimulator creamy aloe shampoo- it was clarify week
3. black tea rinse- I was in a bit of a rush so I just sprayed it directly on my hair in the shower and left it on for about 4 minutes before rinsing out
4. deep condition- Hair & Repair Deep Conditioner by ORS for 20 mins with heat
5. moisture DC- Aussie 3 minute miracle for 3 minutes in shower
6. smoothing- Paul Mitchel Super Skinny Daily Treatment 5 minutes
amount of hair loss during detangling
7. leave-in Aphogee Keratin Green Tea & PMSSS & detangle

Thinking about doing a review on the deep conditioner I used, but I will wait b/c I want to try it again before I do. As of now I have no plans to style my hair, and this was supposed to be the week I tackled another roller set. Ah well buns or braidouts it is.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wash Day 2.7

I do not know if it's me or if my new growth is just crazy ridiculous right now. I think my hair is starting to reap the benefits from my healthier lifestyle and supplements. I've been meaning to do a supplement update for awhile anyways. This week's washday was nothing special but it was very much needed. My hair was feeling pretty dry and so I tried my best to incorporate a lot of moisture.

Typical Braidout
        1. To prepoo I used V05 Moisture Milk Conditioner (Strawberry) mixed with grapeseed oil, castor oil. and a small amount of castor oil. I left it on for 35 minutes. I have really been enjoying my pre-poo with my "cheapie" conditioners, they seem to work better than just plain ole' oils.
        2. I chose to wash my hair with my so-far favorite shampoo Organix Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo. One of my future purchases will be a new shampoo and I have a few in mind just because I like having options.
        3. I left my Black Tea Rinse on for 15 minutes.
        4.  This week I used Vanilla Silk Creme Moisture Dream (these long names have to stop lol) for my deep conditioner. I left it on for about 40 minutes before rinsing out. I really am enjoying this deep conditioner. This is my third time using it and I think it will become a staple. My hair was soft after I squezzed out my hair.
       5. This is my 5th week since I last did a clear rinse on my hair, so I used the same one from that day. (Jazzing)This time I left it on for 25 minutes before rinsing out. This particular brand has a strong smell that gets more intense the longer you have it on.
        6. While in the shower I applied my Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment, and left it on for 5 minutes
       7. I t-shirt dried for 12 minutes. Then applied my leave-in Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea leave-in and the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. Air dryed for an additional 30 minutes.
        8. I did five braids for a braid-out with 2 braids in the front and 3 in back. Products I used were Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk and Grapeseed oil.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wash Day 2.6 BKO

It has been awhile since I really treated my hair to a nice thorough wash day. Since the castor oil "challenge" I've began, I find myself having to cowash/wash more often. My last wash day was a mini-wash day over a week ago so I had to make this one really count.

1. To begin I prepooed with mostly grapeseed oil, V05 Clarifying Conditioner (green bottle), a small amount of castor oil, olive oil, honey, AND coconut oil. I left the pre-poo on for close to 2 hours while I worked on homework.

2. I washed with my Organix Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo and followed with my Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor. I'm not even sure when my last protein treatment was and my hair feels a lot stronger now.

3. I made a fresh batch of Black Tea for my rinse and allowed it to steep for about 4 hours. The rinse stayed on my hair for 20 minutes before putting my deep conditioner over the rinse.

4. My deep conditioner this week is KeraCare Humecto Creme Conditioner with a small amount of castor oil and olive oil. I may have one more use out of my favorite conditioner so I will definitely be repurchasing in a few weeks. I steamed under my hooded dryer for 20 minutes and spent another 40 minutes with a cap on.

5. After rinsing out the DC I applied my Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment for 5 minutes while I finished showering.

6. I t-shirt dried for 15 minutes, which I am still shocked at how fast my hair is drying thanks to my PMSSDT!! Next week I'll try t-shirt drying for even less time b/c when I went to add my leave-in (Aphogee Keratin Green Tea) my hair was a little to dry for me. The Aphogee leave-in is all I have until I find another liquid MOISTURIZING leave in. Does anyone have any recommendations?

7. Once I applied my leave in I put a small amount of my Paul Mitch Super Skinny Serum and detangled. Then I allowed my hair to air dry for 30 minutes before styling.

8. To set my Bantu Knot Out I used water, Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk, and coconut oil. I used Eco Styler Argan Oil to smooth down the right side of my hair & edge control on my edges of course. I made 8 knots, which unfortunately I did not take a picture but you can see my last set of knots here. I used slightly larger knots this time and I think I liked them a lot better.

BTW I'm anxious to use the hicks edge formula has anyone ever tried it? I am also running low on edge control. I am running low on soo many of my staple plus I want to try so many new products, that sounds about right b/c I am just 6 weeks shy of my one year HHJ anniversary. I am still thinking of how I will celebrate...
After 3 days, wore bonnet at night