Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wash Day 2.8 + * 8 week check in

      Let me start off by saying that  I was in no mood to deal with my hair, and even considered putting my wash day off. I was in a car accident the other day so I am stressed out dealing with insurance companies and body shops. I did my best to give my hair some type of attention but my mind was really somewhere else. Somehow I still managed to get great results!
air dry- low quality
       I am currently 8 weeks post and my hair/ new growth is really soft. Since my last check-in at 4 weeks I have cut a few chunks out of my hair :/. Unfortunately I had a now annual hair drug test and they have to cut my hair from the follicle!!! The lady tried to pick discrete places in my hair but I was still pretty bummed out. She ended up cutting from 3 different places in the back of my hair--- honestly I wanted to take those scissors and cut her with them lol. Not totally joking tho. Now I have some explaining to do at the salon when I get my next relaxer.
new growth shot 8w. post
texlaxed roots to bone straight ends
Since getting the cut I have really been considering cutting off my straight ends, since we're just snipping away. I know my hair would look a billion times nicer and thicker if I did so but we will see, I have a few more weeks to think about it.
      Now that my blog is 3 months old I can go back to my last stretch and see how my hair looked at 8 weeks post. Unfortunately I cannot tell if I have more or less new growth than I did last time, but I can say that my hair feels a lot better than it even has since I have been taking care of it. 

On to my wash day:
1. pre-poo V-O5 clarifying conditioner, small amounts of grapeseed oil, coconut oil, evoo, & castor oil- not sure how long I left it on but def over an hour
2. wash Organic Root Stimulator creamy aloe shampoo- it was clarify week
3. black tea rinse- I was in a bit of a rush so I just sprayed it directly on my hair in the shower and left it on for about 4 minutes before rinsing out
4. deep condition- Hair & Repair Deep Conditioner by ORS for 20 mins with heat
5. moisture DC- Aussie 3 minute miracle for 3 minutes in shower
6. smoothing- Paul Mitchel Super Skinny Daily Treatment 5 minutes
amount of hair loss during detangling
7. leave-in Aphogee Keratin Green Tea & PMSSS & detangle

Thinking about doing a review on the deep conditioner I used, but I will wait b/c I want to try it again before I do. As of now I have no plans to style my hair, and this was supposed to be the week I tackled another roller set. Ah well buns or braidouts it is.


  1. I wish I could loose that little hair on wash days lol Happy Hair Growing!!!

    1. Lol detangling has been a breeze lately, I am shocked because usually at 8 weeks post I'm ready to break combs with my tangles.

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  3. Hope you were not injured in hat car accident: sorry to hear about that.
    Your new growth look fine. You are doing a great job.
    How long does it take you to detangle your hair after washing them?

    1. I am blessed to say that I walked away from that accident w/o many injuries. My car is totaled out it's all working out.
      Honestly detangling for me is not very difficult. I do not keep my styles in for long than 3 days usually and I finger comb often. I know some ladies do not like to finger comb throughout the week, but I have seen that it is beneficial to my washday detangling sessions. So with all of that said it never takes longer than 15 minutes lol.


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