Relaxer Updates

This is the beginning of my hair journey on May 15, 2012 after a trim and relaxer. I had just taken a sew in down and the overall density of my hair had suffered from mistreatment.

I stretched for 12 weeks (August 2012) by bunning the whole entire summer except for a flexirod set for the 4th of July. I was so pleased with my results and the ends of my hair, I was shocked that I did not receive a trim with my relaxer!! (I guess my hair grows in a natural "V" shape)

November 2012- Bittersweet. 13 week stretch &  relaxer and trim. I did not gain as much length as I would have liked, but the trim made my hair appear much thicker. I was not as discipline this stretch with deep conditioning and I allowed someone to rake through my head and straighten it out at 10 weeks post :/.

I am still learning a lot and I hope to be grazing APL by my next relaxer which is scheduled for February 2013!

 February 2013- Gained about an inch and a half of growth! Still working on my ends which will be cut during my next relaxer. I also made a new shirt to track growth and overall status of my hair and ends. The white shirt makes my hair appear especially thin, but we are working on this!

My hair is just grazing line 7 on my shirt, I am officially claiming APL!

May 2013- I trimmed about an inch from the back as well as an unplanned trim of my bangs. My hair seems to be hovering around the same length, but I am still trying to cut my see through ends which are getting a lot better.  My hair is around line 7 on my new length check shirt and I am back to grazing APL.

August 2013- Chop Chop! Suffered a set back and started from scratch. Lowest layer is about neck length. I have no goals but to grow my hair as healthy as possible, without any growth aids. Next relaxer is mid October, an 8 week stretch. Cannot form any type of pony tail. 

October 2013- For once I have no complaints lol!. My ends are holding up well since the cut and the health of my hair is at an all time high. I will be keep my eye out for unneccessary breakage this next stretch. The next stretch will be late December, after 10 weeks of stretching. Maybe by next relaxer I'll pull out the length shirt, I'm not all the way there yet. Tiniest ponytail at the nape of neck.

 December 2013-  NO neck showing so I would say I am neck length officially. The ends of my hair are touching my neck constantly but I'm loving the health of my hair once again. This relaxer was done by my stylist and I got a pretty decent trim. I've been getting a bit scissor happy but I just love the look of perfect full ends. Next relaxer will be 12 weeks from now around March 15th. 

 March 2014-  Pulled out the official length check shirt! I have retained a few inches this stretch even with a light trim. I am close to SL but I'm not quite ready to claim it. Next relaxer will be June 2014!

June 2014- Got an unnecessary trim due to my stylist who has all of my hair touching line 3. However I am now willing to claim full shoulder length since the front and side have caught up. Now that my hair cut has officially grown out I will be getting trims less frequently to save length. Next relaxer will be 12 weeks later in late August! Self relaxing in August, wish me luck!

 Aug- 2014- I am now touching line 5! I finally permed my own hair, and seemed to have retained a good amount of hair. By next relaxer I hope to be grazing APL! Next relaxer will be in November which I will do myself. I will be getting a trim, and then posting my progress picture. Forgot to get a pony-tail pick while my hair was straight this time. 

November 2014- I am touching line 6, but this is prior to dusting my hair. I am still not APL, but after my next relaxer I'm sure I'll be hitting line 7! Next relaxer is scheduled for Valentine's Day weekend <3 

February 2015- I will be trimming my ends soon, however I am happy with my length progression. I'm close to line 7 & next relaxer is in May. 

June 2015- I self relaxed after a 16 week stretch! Also this picture was taken after a trim, and my ends look like night and day from February LOL. Health over length baby...and my hair is back growing in the V but I will embrace it. I will definitely be APL come next relaxer. (Oct 2015)

October 2015- Self relaxed at 11 weeks (skipped an update), got a light trim and I'm gaining fullness. I also rinsed my hair black for the fall season :)

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