Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wash Day 1

freshly washed hair
Last week was my first wash day since my relaxer and I was eager to get back into the swing of things. My hair is so much stronger and resistant to breakage since getting cut. This makes my washday/ everyday maintenance that much easier.
1. Pre-pooed with V05 Moisture Milk and Olive Oil for ten minutes. In the colder months I will begin using Castor oil again, but I just cannot deal with it in this heat!
2. Washed with Organix Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo, which I still love very much. I am somehow down to only this and my clarify shampoo to alternate between.
3. Followed with a Coffee rinse that I applied while in the shower. I have opted to do instant coffee rinses because it is a lot easier to prepare than black tea. It seems to have the same effect and I've had very little shedding in the last 2 weeks.
4. For a deep conditioner, I used my favorite, KeraCare Humecto for 45 mins under a plastic cap. The humecto creme gave me great results as usual.
DC is on hair
5. Rinsed, and ended with Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Daily Conditioner
6. T-shirt dried for 10 minutes. Then applied leave-ins (Aphogee) and PMSSS.
In the middle of flatiron/curling hair
Finished results!
7. While hair was still wet, I wet wrapped my hair using KeraCare's Wrapping Lotion, using my head as one larger roller. This was still very difficult for me so my results were not the best. Also I didn't have the little paper strips to secure the wrap :/.
8. I sat under the dryer for 35 minutes while my hair dried.
9. Combed out the wrap and continued to dry my hair using my blow dryer on low heat.
10. Flat ironed on low temperature using Silk Element's Heat Protectant w/Olive Oil

Pretty happy with my results despite my straight hair lasting just 24 hours. I suffered reversion due to humidity, plus I was a bit heavy handed with products so it wasn't as flowy as I would have liked. Practice makes perfect...
After working out on Sunday, I turned the sweated out style into a braid out until my co-wash on Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bantu Week

    Last week I spent the week in one of my favorite styles, bantu knot outs! Since I began doing yoga and working out more often, I like hairstyles that allow more flexibility and lenience with maintenance. On monday I did a cowash on my hair using tresseme naturals conditioner, and following up with paul mitchell's daily conditioner. I lost track of time and did not make my bantu knots until about 1am. Unfortunately when I took them out Tuesday morning, some of the back sections were not fully dry. Throughout the week I did little things to revive the curls and prolong the hairstyle. I literally woke up with a different type of curl everyday, but I was okay with that.
Tuesday Morning
                                                             Day one right after taking out the original bantu knots. I used NTM leave in, water, olive oil, and Shea Moisture's Curl & Style Milk.
Wednesday Evening

Day 2- Re-did knots the night before, BUT I went to hot yoga Wednesday afternoon. Even the ends of my hair were pretty wet, but yoga is definitely worth it.

Thursday Morning

Friday night
Day 3- Night before, I did very loose bantu knots with little to no product. I had to attend a job fair this day so I needed to look good! This is my favorite look this week.

                           Day 4- Night before I put on a bonnet and hit the sack. I was way too tired to re-do my knots this day. Before going on for a party on Friday I threw some moisture and oil on my hair before going out.

Sadly my bunning days are over awhile, but it forces me to style my hair more creatively. On Saturday I did a wet wrap so that I could wear my hair straight for the rest of the weekend. I'll do a wash day post on that soon.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let's Catch Up

Basically loving my hair lol
*Pours wine...
So a lot has happened since the last time I posted. After I took out the long flowy half wig for the 4th of July, I kept my hair under a shoulder-length wig until I knew what I wanted to do. I knew that my hair was too damaged from all the manipulation of trying to get the glue out of my hair. I was pretty bummed that all my progress had gone down the drain, and I had gotten myself there. The best thing I could do was to maintain it the best I could until it was time for my 12 week relaxer.
Left side, right side has a swooped bang
       I came back home for a week while my friends and I picked out a cute hair cut!!! I was going for a Taraji P-like bob but I'm pretty sure she's never had this cut lol. Still, I  am sooo in-love with my new hair cut, which kind of surprises me. It's only been cut 5 days and I am currently sitting with a towel on my head after a co-wash. The ends are blunt and healthy, I can honestly say I have a healthy head of hair. I feel such a relief, this is my first real hair cut ever.
     I believe this set back was a blessing in disguise. I am now able to enjoy my hair at all lengths as it grows out. It's a shame I didn't do it any sooner.
Back is layered to add volume

Now that I am back at school and able to have a set schedule, I expect to post more frequently. I am excited for my hair journey, and now I am in no rush to reach any particular length. I'm curious to see all the different ways I can style this cut until my next protective style. This next upcoming relaxer will be 8 weeks away, and I still plan to self relax. My next washday will be later on this week, which I will post about.