Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bantu Week

    Last week I spent the week in one of my favorite styles, bantu knot outs! Since I began doing yoga and working out more often, I like hairstyles that allow more flexibility and lenience with maintenance. On monday I did a cowash on my hair using tresseme naturals conditioner, and following up with paul mitchell's daily conditioner. I lost track of time and did not make my bantu knots until about 1am. Unfortunately when I took them out Tuesday morning, some of the back sections were not fully dry. Throughout the week I did little things to revive the curls and prolong the hairstyle. I literally woke up with a different type of curl everyday, but I was okay with that.
Tuesday Morning
                                                             Day one right after taking out the original bantu knots. I used NTM leave in, water, olive oil, and Shea Moisture's Curl & Style Milk.
Wednesday Evening

Day 2- Re-did knots the night before, BUT I went to hot yoga Wednesday afternoon. Even the ends of my hair were pretty wet, but yoga is definitely worth it.

Thursday Morning

Friday night
Day 3- Night before, I did very loose bantu knots with little to no product. I had to attend a job fair this day so I needed to look good! This is my favorite look this week.

                           Day 4- Night before I put on a bonnet and hit the sack. I was way too tired to re-do my knots this day. Before going on for a party on Friday I threw some moisture and oil on my hair before going out.

Sadly my bunning days are over awhile, but it forces me to style my hair more creatively. On Saturday I did a wet wrap so that I could wear my hair straight for the rest of the weekend. I'll do a wash day post on that soon.


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    1. Girl people were pulling on my hair asking me if I was natural... I almost had to hurt somebody lbs. Thanks KLP!

  2. you got great bantu knots outs results.
    I really like the thursday and friday curls

    1. Thanks bebe, I love how different each set can be!


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