Monday, October 14, 2013

Relaxer Update Oct. 2013

Left side.
           Even though I have not been posting my washdays, this last stretch was easy breezy. Granted, I did only stretch for 8 weeks!!! I probably will never relax again so soon, but I wanted to relax sooner, and gradually make my way to 16 weeks/ 3 relaxers a year. Anyways, I had my regular stylist relax/texlax my hair for me even though I was supposed to start self-relaxing :/. I have not worked up the courage to do so, and I want to make sure I know exactly what I am doing before I go down that road.

Here are the results: *Check the Relaxer Update tab to view from the back and see progress.
Right side.

I feel like I got a little length, but overall I am happy with my progress so far. The next relaxer will be 10 weeks away falling on Dec 21ish. I plan to use heat once next weekend for my Senior Year College Homecoming, and maybe again on Thanksgiving. Outside of those 2 occasions, I will be wearing heatless hairstyles, and prob a half will around week 6.

This last stretch I added a few things to my regimen, that I plan to talk about in a future post. Happy Monday!