Saturday, May 11, 2013

Look Back part II

So here's what been going on yal lol/ 2 weeks post
Today I am officially 12 weeks post! Over the past year I have been relaxing at either 12 or 13 weeks post. Nowadays 12 weeks is a breeze since when I first decided to start a hair journey I dove in head first. I went from relaxing every 6 weeks to automatically relaxing at 12!! Anyways lol
This stretch I focused on heatless styles from BKO's, flexi-rods, and numberous braidouts, and I had so much  fun with my hair. I have even gotten some of my friends to join the healthy hair train.
The funny thing about heatless styles is they turn out so differently every time.
4 weeks post- loving the thickness
Here's a few random braidouts/bko's that were not in previous posts.

BKO 6wks post

What was different about this stretch?
I love the pout #guilty 11wks post rained out BKO
1. I absolutely love the Paul Mitchell products I added to my regimen. They both save me so much time with drying, and I love how much smoother my hair is afterwards.
2. I have started to do clear rinses which really help with tangles and shine.
3. I'm loving my Vanilla Silk Creme Moisture Dream deep conditioner by Silk Dreams :) It's almost time to reorder
4. Castor oil was applied daily to my edges
5. Consistent exercise
6. Better diet/water intake- see my skin glowing right? haha

I'll be prepping for my relaxer on tuesday (protein/clarifying) and ending my stretch on friday, which will be 13 weeks post. Look Back from 12 weeks ago...


  1. You went right from 6 to 12 week stretches! Girl you are brave! LOL.
    I'm loving all the cute heat free styles you created during this stretch. Can't wait to see your relaxer results.

    1. Yes I know! The longest I've ever done is 13 weeks and I think that may be my max for not. Thanks Andrea!

  2. Awesome stretching chica I know that you can't *wait* until relaxer day! Woot!


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