Saturday, February 9, 2013

Look Back on the Last 12 weeks

        Okay so I am in relaxer prep mode and I am currently preparing to do my hard protein later on today. I will be relaxing this upcoming Saturday and wanted to reflect on my last stretch. After the previous stretch I was pretty disappointed in my efforts as far as caring for my hair.
Some of the things I added this stretch were:
         Obviously starting a blog lol, began taking supplements, drinking 60 or more oz of water daily, Black tea rinses more frequently, finger detangling & scalp massages, DC with every wash, exercised regularly (I did take about 3-4 weeks off during the holiday season), consistent pre-poos, and a weekly co-wash in addition to wash day. So I am praying that I see some real results this weekend!!!

This relaxer stretch was a little over 12 weeks, and here is how I got through those long 3 months...

Here is weeks 1-3 I usually play around with my straight hair, along with different braidouts and buns.
 (Weeks 4--6) This is my super long u-part wig that I made, its 18 inches and I sew it on and off every washday. I played around with the parting, and even adding a braid for a few days.

Here is week 7 I did a pretty horrible rollerset and did not take many pics because of how much I hated it. I definitely need more practice with those.

Weeks 8--10 I made another u-part wig which was just about shoulder length. I did not have many pics of this one, which is fine b/c I plan to re-wear it during the beginning of my next stretch. I even made my mom one that is very similar to this one, which I will be installing on her this weekend, ( post maybe?)

My last 2 weeks included a Bantu Knot Out which is featured in a previous post. And bunning of course! So I had a lot of fun with the stretch, I plan to do a 13 week stretch next time with 7weeks under a wig and 6 weeks of fun protective styles.


  1. With all of the ah-mazing things that you have been doing right---pre-pooing, tea rinses, protective styling--there is no way that you won't see length retention next week after your relaxer and length check! I'm claiming it right now for you! Great job!

    Un Mil Besitos!

    1. Thank you soo much! I did not do them all the entire stretch, but they were all added throughout. I'm learning more about my own strands everyday, it is definitely a journey. Thanks for the encouraging words!

  2. Wow! I love that u-part wig of yours! I so need to learn how to do that. You should definitely see some length after that relaxer. It would be suprising otherwise. Can't wait to see the results!

    1. Thank you! I learned from good ole YouTube, it's so convenient ! I'll be doing a post soon on the results!

  3. the u-part wig is really cool, you look really pretty :)

    1. Thank you so much hun! I really love the u-part wigs I wish I had discovered them sooner.


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