Sunday, May 19, 2013

Relaxer Update 2

After relaxer & trim
      This past Friday I relaxed my hair at 13 weeks post. I had my regular beautician do the job for me but I prepped my hair by detangling and saturating my relaxed ends in grapeseed oil. When I got to the shop my relaxing process went pretty smooth. She based my scalp with some type of petroleum based product and she used Affirm to relax my hair. I have been using Affirm ever since I got a relaxer back when I was 13.
          A few things I noticed when she did my relaxer were that she proceeded to talk with other clients and accept phone calls while she applied my relaxer!!! That really bugged me and I'm pretty sure there was not enough texture left in my hair :/ The good thing is I did not have any scalp burns or any major problems with the relaxer itself. The whole process just made me more anxious to try self-relaxing/getting a new beautician.  As of right now the plan is to start self-relaxing in November, but it may happen sooner than that if I can talk myself into it. After my relaxer I sat under the steamer to deep condition, then she blow dried, flat ironed, and trimmed my hair. My trim put me back at right above APL in my opinion, but my hair looks a lot better as far as fullness and uniformity is concerned.

I have officially been on my Healthy Hair Journey for a full year on May 15th!!! I bought myself a real length check shirt to celebrate from . My hair is slowing but surely changing for the better and I am sooo glad to be on this journey. I love seeing all my hair work paying off, and I am looking forward to seeing where I will be next year on my HHJ anniversary.
New Length Check Shirt

My next stretch will be 100% heat-free with lots of protective styling I have got to retain some length this stretch!


  1. My old stylist used to talk on the phone and converse with other clients while doing my hair too...even at the shampoo bowl! When a chemical is applied to a client's hair I would think that requires the undivided attention of the stylist, right? Smh.
    Your hair looks great by the way. Happy Hair Anniversary! :)

  2. When I was having braids/weaves done, I used to hate when the girl was chatting away with her friends, whether it was in a salon or at her place (the worse is when their friends actually come over and you see them laugh and talk, while time is flying...and she charges you per the hour!!!!). I've only had my hair permed twice at the salon and that annoyed (and scared) me too. The burning experience made me start doing it myself. That and the fact that it was a lot cheaper too lol

    1. I'm gonna have to start studying ASAP on the relaxing process. I think my salon trips will be saved for my trims 2xs a year. I also want to be able to relax my hair to the texture that I desire.


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