Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wash Day 3.1

Closer to fully texlaxed
           It feels like it has been forever since I posted anything about my hair. Since my relaxer update I have done a few cowashes, and I finally washed my hair this past week after putting it off. I was so happy to see the amount of texture that was left in my hair after this past relaxer, even though I thought my stylist did not. False alarm people lol.

      Pre-pooed my hair while I worked out with grapeseed oil, castor oil, and V05 Clarifying Conditioner under a plastic cap.
Washed with Organix Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo.
I made a fresh batch of black tea rinse and let it steep for about 2 hours this week. I applied to the tea to my hair in the shower and let it sit on my hair for 30 minutes.
On top of the black tea rinse I applied the Vanilla Silk Cream Moisture Dream for an hour without heat underneath my plastic cap.
After deep conditioning I applied my Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Daily Treatment for a few minutes while I showered.
T-shirt dried for 30 minutes then put my leave-ins S-curl & Aphogee Keratin Green Tea Leave in before detangling in 4 sections.

Hair slightly damp, texture left from relaxer

Slowly getting away from my bone straight ends
I decided to do a simple braidout with a row of 3 braids on the bottom, and a row 3 braids on the top. I used water, eco-styler gel, and Shea Moisture's Curl & Style Milk. Then I sealed that with grapeseed oil and castor oil. I took a nap for about 4 hours and removed my braids before going to work. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the braid out :/ but I am still getting used to my super busy summer schedule. I gotta get my life together man lol


  1. YAY for texlaxing! The first time that I used a sprush to apply my relaxer, I use knew that I was going to have bone straight roots. Thank goodness that the fear was all in my head. Literally. Ha-ha!

    1. Do you still use the sprush to apply your relaxer? I am trying to do all my research so I'll be ready to self-texlax soon.

  2. I always feel like my hair is too straight after a relaxer this hair thing messes with your head sometimes lol


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