Monday, June 17, 2013

4 week check in

Woah time has flown! So yeah I've skipped a few wash days this stretch but I'm not even gonna trip over it. I even have a few of them in my draft folder but they were pretty uneventful. This summer has been crazy, so much so that I find myself longing to be in a long term protective style. So far my hair has been so good to me, and I've been kinda half doing stuff. I even slept without a scarf one night smh. This is only the beginning but this first month has been great I've been doing a lot of braidout and buns about 95% of the time. I thought I would be doing a lot more styling this summer but it doesn't look like ill have the time. In the meantime I've been looking up styles to wear this fall. 

Today I cowashed my hair, something I do every 3-4 days religiously, because my hair thrives from frequent cowashes. It's about 50% dry in the pics but it's soo fluffy and soft I'm loving it! This stretch I will focus on getting these edges together as opposed I my growth rate. I am already feeling coils coming in 😁 


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