Friday, August 29, 2014

I finally did it!.. Relaxer Update!

before relaxing lol
Yeah I'm almost a year late, but I had to make sure I was confident and informed enough to begin...self relaxing! After all of the build up I finally accomplished one of my goals of my hair journey and become slightly more dependent on myself when it comes to my hair. This past summer I kept my hair in a protective style, senegalease twist which I kept in for 3 weeks at a time. Yesterday after 12 weeks I texlaxed my hair for the first time, here's how the day went.

1. Monday I removed my twists and washed my hair, to give my scalp a break before I relaxed my hair. I also did a deep protein treatment using ORS hair mayo and ORS replenishing conditioner mixed together. 
2. I wore my hair in a bun for the next two days, to avoid manipulation.

3. Relaxer day- on Thursday I base my scout with petroleum jelly, as well as detangler and coat my relaxed ends with olive oil. 

4. Before apply the ORS normal strength no lye relaxer, I prepared my hair to help application go quicker. 

5. I set my stop watch and applied, and smoothed for 20, mins. I also added Olive oil to the relaxer to help it process slower. 

6. I rinsed out the relaxer, then immediately applied my aphogee 2 minute reconstructor, and proceeded to neutralize 3 times. After neutralizing, I washed my hair once with organix keratin strong.

7. After allowing my hair to dry slightly, I deep conditioned my hair using kera care humecto conditioner. I let the conditioner set on my hair for one hour, then rinsed and applied Paul Mitchell's smoothing conditioner. 

8. I applied my leave ins the aphogee green tea, and Paul Mitchell's super skinny serum, then air dried for about 15 mins. I finished up by blow drying and allowing a friend to curl my hair. 

Too bad the humidity laughed at my silly attempts to have bouncy curls. By the end of the day my hair fell (curls) and rose (frizz) at the same time. Next week when I simply flat iron my hair I will do a length check. From what I can tell I've retained some length which is always exciting!

humidity quickly kicked my butt lol


  1. Replies
    1. Lol thank you! I will be posting a length check this weekend.

  2. Your hair still looks good after the humidity. I want to do my own relaxer. I've done my own a couple times before but the textures were all over the place. I might try again this next go round, doing a shorter stretch. You've inspired me!

  3. Thank you!! After finally getting it out of the way, I can say it was not so bad. I'm actually excited about my next time relaxing. Good luck with your next self relaxer!


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