Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wash Day Flexi-rods

Twist out turned braid out last wknd

I tried a few new things this week which prolonged my washday but I did not mind. I actually look forward to washday and crop out about 5 hours to finish it. I try to multi-task during this time as well; cooking, catching up on homework, catching up on my shows lol. I also do a brief co-wash on Sundays that just consists of a cheap conditioner (hello hydration or VO5 moisture milks) and follow with an instant conditioner. Anyways here are the steps to today's long wash day

1. Pre-poo w/coconut, olive oil, honey 30ish minutes

2. Wash w/ Organics Awapaui Ginger Shampoo-- I really do need to use the shampoo more often b/c it is amazingly moisturizing yet makes my hair feel clean.

3. I made a fresh batch of BTR and left it on for 25 minutes. I am still not likely the amount of shedding I've been having this last week.

4. I applied my DC over my BTR and this week my DC is the KeraCare Intensive Restorative Masque mixed with Castor Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This week is my DC with heat week ( I cannot commit to it every week so I do it every other week) and after doing a porosity test last week I determind that I have extremely low porous hair. Which means I need a little extra help moisturizing-- so I tried to fake steaming method. After applying my deep conditioner and putting on a processing cap, I put a hot towel on top of the cap and my conditioning cap over the top of that. Then I sat under the hooded dryer for 25 minutes.

5. I wanted to do a clear rinse for the longest- like literally 4 months and I kept asking my beautician to do one with my relaxer but she always "forgot".  So I bit the bullet and used the Jazzing Clear rinse in #10 and left it on for 25 minutes.

6. I t-shirt dried for about 20 minutes and applied my KeraCare Leave-In and the Organix Moroccan Penetraiting Oil Serum. Next I detangled--- and my hair felt amazing!!! I'm assuming this is from the clear rinse but it detangled so easily and it felt so smooth!

7. I applied my flexi rods and slept in them over night under my bonnet.

8. Results--  It was different lol... The last time I did flexi rods was last July on shoulder lengthish hair about 7wks post. Today my hair is about 3 weeks post and APL, I think next time I will set the flexi rods differently to get more of what I'm aiming for. This looks similar to my BKO.

Flexi-rod from 7/4/12


  1. DCing with heat #ftw!

    How did your hair feel after the coconut, olive oil, and honey pre-poo?

    1. It was pretty sticky from the honey, I had to be careful once it was applied not to manipulate it too much. Once I rinsed and washed it with my shampoo my hair felt really nice.

    2. I've heard so many good things about honey and our hair. But (kinda like tea rinses) It's hard for me to want to use stuff that I like to eat on my hair!

      Was the "nice" feeling enough to make you want to do it on a regular basis?

    3. Lol I love tea rinses- I've always had issues with shedding. As far as the honey goes, it was not significant enough to add to my hair on the weekly basis. Maybe if you hair is feeling especially dry you can use it then.

  2. your hair is really cute like that!


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