Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wash Day 2.5

This past week's wash day was on Sunday and I have been traveling so Im just now getting to this post.
I was visiting a friend so I was trying to make my wash day as quick as possible.

1) I deep conditioned on dry hair using my Vanilla Silk dream and castor oil on my scalp for about an hour
2) I washed using my organix awapuhi ginger shampoo
3) This week I chose to do a green tea rinse for the first time and it seems to be just as affective as a black tea rinse
4) I followed the rinse with my Paul Mitchell smoothing daily treatment an left that on for 5 minutes
5) I t-shirt dried for 30 minutes and applied my leave in and the Paul Mitchell serum before detangling
6) My hair was about 80% dry before I blow dried on low heat (used tresseme heat protectant before usage)
7) I flat ironed my hair on 300 degrees and it was not bone straight.

Unfortunately I don't have any great pictures of my hair because I was snowed on shortly after completely my hair:/
Then after staying at my boyfriends house for a few days my hair care regimen is pretty shot. Yesterday I flew to my grandmothers house, who is also on a hair journey so I have some new products to try tonight during my washday. I have been spoiled with my airdried hair and I am anxious to get back to her<3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
Here's a pic from last weekend with my big fluffed out braidout


  1. Very cute picture :)
    How do you like the DC on dry hair before shampooing?
    Did you notice any big differents in your hair in opposite to dc on damp hair after shampooing?

    I ask because i prefer dc on dry hair before shampooing :)

    1. Thanks! I cannot say that I noticed any huge differences with my hair on DCing on dry hair. I feel like I should have sprayed my hair with water so that I could use less product but not a big difference in the feel of my hair.

  2. Was it a mini wash #ftw?

    1. Lol I guess I would have to say that it was a mini-wash haha. It was a 3 hour washday instead of 4! I cannot tell if I like to deep condition on dry hair or damp hair at this point so I will have to give it another go.


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