Sunday, January 27, 2013


Today I started Insanity again!!!

        I tried to do the program about 2 months ago and I was doing well, but then I took a few days off for my birthday, christmas, New Years... etc. So now I am here with all my progress down the drain because day 1 was ridiculous. I am so out of shape, (Shaun T was killing me!) the last time I worked out was December 14th, which doesn't seem that long ago. Anyways the reason I am telling you guys about my exercise regimen is because of the effect exercise has on hair.

They talk about the many correlations between hair and exercise. I am hoping to gain and retain an impressive amount of hair this year so I am attacking this issue at all angles!! Plus, I would love to have a nice fit body for Spring Break this year. Once I complete the program I will post before and after pictures just for kicks!

In other news, I am looking forward to wash day this week so I can take down this protective style! It is such a struggle to go 3 weeks of protective styling, I have no idea how I ever wore braids and sew-in for months at a time. Also, I picked up a new shampoo that I am super excited to try!!! Until wash day...


  1. Insanity kicks my ass!!
    It's so intense, I definitely want to revisit insanity when I get into better shape.
    Nice post.

    1. Yes girl I am on day 4 today so I'm looking forward to Cardio Recovery. I am really trying to be an overall healthier person so this is just step one. Thanks!

  2. I have been wanting to try this out so badly, but I live in an apartment on the top floor of my building. I keep thinking all the jumping and stuff may make my neighbors a lil upset. Lol! I know it would kick my butt. You go girl!!!

  3. Thanks! Fortunately I live on the first floor of my building so I can get away with it lol. Don't let that stop you girl!!


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