Thursday, May 15, 2014

2nd Year HHJ Anniversary- Part II

    In part one of my 2nd Year HHJ Anniversary I discussed what brought me to my journey. My hair has definitely been through a lot, and thank God it has been so forgiving. As I stated before, I'd hoped to have achieved longer lengths by now, but my July setback pushed me back on length goals. Nonetheless, I have learned so much about my hair and I know this next year will begin to show great results.

Main Things I have Learned

Aug 2012- 3 months into HHJ
  • Every fad is not for everybody
  • I personally do not benefit from multiple washings every week
  • When it comes to styling, less is more
  • Low Manipulation styles are nice but can be overdone
  • There are no short cuts in this journey
  • Hair bonding glue is a huge no-no
  • People will always have an opinion on your hair, but at the of the day it's yours
  • If you fall off, you can always cut and start back again
  • Protect your ends!

To see my progress over the last two years, check out my Relaxer Updates tab. By next relaxer I should be SL or full SL. The longest my hair has ever reached on this journey is line 7 (APL) which I hope to reach by the end of the year. The wig regimen has been amazing so far which consists of 2 weeks out and 10 weeks under wigs. As my hair gets longer I plan to stretch longer and allow more time for my hair to be "out" and enjoy it. Maybe this regimen will take me all the way to WL :)

Happy Healthy Hair Journey!

ps. I'm more than excited to be graduating this Saturday!

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