Thursday, May 15, 2014

2 Year HHJ Anniversary!! Part I

    So today marks my the end of my 2nd year of my healthy relaxed hair journey. This journey has had it's ups and downs but I really do enjoy being on a journey, and I could not imagine my hair life any other way lol. Dramatic, but true. I thought I would be well on my way to BSL by now but my journey had it's own path I guess. I thought I would reflect on how I got here :)
My Hair Story
       When I started this journey it was the end of my sophomore year of undergrad and I was fed up with the state of my hair. I got my first relaxer in the 8th grade and I had super thick APL hair. Most girls at my school considered it long, but I was not happy with how thick it was. My old school beautician refused to relax my hair bone straight, so for me a 12 year old it was still difficult to manage. I mostly kept my hair is buns or pony tails because I didn't like for it to be down. Later on I switched to a younger stylist who would relax my hair bone straight and do any crazy, stiff, hard style I desired. Who knew that years later I would be wishing I had my thick texlaxed hair back.
hair in h.s. had nape breakage and thinning edges

Glued in tracks for prom- with my parentals!
 In high school I kept my hair in micro braids because I played three sports all year round and I did not want to deal with my hair. The take down process was brutal and left me with breakage but I was careless and just thought of hair as just hair. Micros were also hard on my edges and to this day they are not the same. For prom I had my first experience with glue-in track and it was over, I knew I wanted to wear sew-ins.
last set of micros- kiss them goodbye!
1st sew-in... I'm 5'2 btw lol
      The first semester of college I got my last set of micros and was very disappointed in the length of my hair. I always had so much new growth, but never retained any length in that style. After that I got my first sew-in and fell in love with them. I had all this hair, who cared what my hair looked like under-neath? That summer I wore my hair out and it wasn't so bad. When I started my sophomore year it was back to sew-ins but I was not taking great care of my own hair underneath. I started to realize how the weaves were taking a toll on the health of my ends and length.
Summer before sophomore year
   March of 2012 I found KISS and Traycee from youtube, and started to stalk hair forums and youtube channels. I had unintentionally stretched my hair for 5 months under weaves and ended the stretch on May 15th 2012, the start of healthy hair journey.
crappy picture but this was the beginning


  1. What a great journey :) your hair looked good even at the start of your journey! Mine was awful in comparison.

    1. Yeah looking back the pics don't look so bad but we are our worst critics lol... Thanks Chantelle!

  2. Happy Hair Anniversary! You may not have the length you expected but your hair is so thick and healthy. You've made some great progress! Congrats!

  3. Thanks Andrea! Despite the setbacks I have really been enjoying my journey


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