Monday, November 4, 2013

Wash Day 3 week Flat Iron

              Well since my relaxer I have decided to go right back to my wig regimen. I am really loving wigging at this time in my life, but I still feel I should enjoy my hair at times. So this wash day, week 3, I decided to straighten my hair. (I know I'm not the only who feels guilty about straightening their hair!) This will probably be the only time I straighten my hair this stretch that will be over around Christmas. Nevertheless, it was a pretty harmless wash day lol.

1. I started with detangling my braids from the last cowash day. I am still using Mane n' Tail's detangler since the beginning days of my journey. I pre-pooed using Tresemme Natural's Nourishing Conditioner and sealed it with Grapeseed Oil.
2. I washed my hair with my Hair Cleansing Cream since I knew I was going to straightening my hair. I have to be very careful with the products I use when planning to straighten because my hair is fine, and limp hair is not okay!
From Air Dried to sections and then blow dried
3. My deep conditioner, Vanilla Silk Cream Moisture Dream, is moisturizing and also contains silk protein to strengthen my hair. I went worked out for about 2 hours, then I put a clear rinse on top of the deep conditioner for the last 30 mins. I have given up on color rinses for a while since the reddish color did not show.
4. After rinsing out the deep conditioner, I let my Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Conditioner sit on my hair for a few minutes while I showered. I towel dried my hair for about 45 minutes before spraying my leave-ins (Aphogee Green Tea & Elasta QP)  and allowing my hair to air dry for another 30 minutes.

5. Once my hair was about 70-80% dry I separated it into 6 parts to prepare to blow dry. I used my Silk Elements heat protector and blow dried on medium warm.
Half way done/ Finished results

6. Once my hair was dry I sprayed Organix's flat iron spray on each section to flat iron. Honestly, I do not think the flat iron spray does anything special to my hair, but I did love the way it makes my hair smell :). I wasn't too worried since I used heat protector and my Paul Michell's Super Skinny Serum before blow drying. When actually flat ironing I only passed the iron through each section twice.

My end results were great! It was fully of body and movement, which are the two things I aim for.


  1. you have a really cute cut and great body!

    1. Thanks I'm trying to enjoy it while I can! I try to keep as active as possible, if you don't use it you'll lose it lol.


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