Friday, March 14, 2014

Last Weeks of my Stretch!

11 weeks post washing in braids
This weekend I will relaxing my hair at a little over 12 weeks post relaxer! Since cutting my hair in August, I have slowly been extending the amount of time I stretch my relaxers. I did not want to do extremely long stretches with really short hair so I've finally made it back to 12. I will be updating soon on the results :)
After rinsing out DC... Back is catching up with front

These last two weeks it has been s0 hard to keep my hands out of my hair lol. Am I the only one who is guilty of playing in their new growth? I did something a little different in my wig prep this week instead of cornrows I put my hair in 2 strand twists to keep the new growth stretched before my relaxer this weekend. I've also been loving washing my hair in braids, especially when I have about 2 inches of new growth in some sections. I've been learning the less I manipulate my hair the better off it is.

To prep for my relaxer this weekend, I took down my two strand twists and detangled my hair with my Mane and Tail Detangler. The only oil I had at my parent's house was castor oil so I smothered the ends with that to protect my ends from overlapping. After 10 weeks of wigging I am sooo ready to wear my hair out for 2 weeks before I begin wigging again. Looking forward to my relaxer update!!!

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