Monday, December 1, 2014

Relaxer Update Nov 2014

This update is well over due! At 12 weeks post exactly I self relaxed my hair using ORS normal no lye relaxer. This time I did bring the relaxer down further to cover over some areas that were a little too under processed. Overall I am very happy with my results, and my overall progress in 2014. Here is how my relaxer day went....

Days leading up to...
- Took down my protective style (wig) and washed/ blow dryed my hair a week prior to relaxing
- No scratching scalp & low maintenance hair styles

Day of relaxer
- Detangled using my Mane & Tail detangled and olive oil
- Coated previously relaxer hair in olive oil and based scalp with petroleum jelly
- Separated my hair into twist, to allow for easier application

Application (mixed relaxer with 1tbs of olive oil)
- Relaxed my hair using my gloved fingers, starting in the opposite spot from my previous relaxer
- After 20 minutes I rinsed the relaxed from my hair using cool water
- Used a mid step protein treatment, Aphogee's 2 minute reconstructor
- Neutralized my hair 3 times using the ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo
- Deep conditioned using ORS Replenishing Pak & Keracare's Humecto Creme conditioner for 45 minutes
- Rinsed in the shower and followed up with Paul Mitchell's Daily Smoothing Conditioner for a few minutes before rinsing out

- After washing my hair I t-shirt dried to get rid of a lot of excess water
- I blow dried my hair on low after about 30 minutes of air drying
- I flat ironed using the baby bliss titanium flat iron

Day 4 hair

Day of relaxer- Straighten by ME

Since this post I have dusted my hair to get rid of split ends, I actually went to the salon asking for a trim and somehow she forgot smh. I believe this past year of extreme protective styling and wigging has led me to awesome retention this year. Next year I plan to enjoy my hair a little more as it grows out, however I will still protective style 60% -75% of the year. On my way to APL :)

Shots of my hair after my salon visit Thanksgiving Weekend below.

After Salon Visit
Line 7 is APL!!


  1. Omgosh Omgosh Omgosh! You're hair looks FABULOUS! I just love the thickness of your ends. Girl...I need to get on my protective styling grind! Can you give us a rundown of the protective styles that you used and how you maintained your hair whilst in them?

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Lol you are sooo funny KLP! Thank you! And that sounds like a great post for the closing of this year, I'd be happy to share what I learned :)

  2. Your hair is looking great Jas!!! Feels like it wasn't that long ago when you got your short bob hair cut! It has grown back so fast. Loving those thick ends too!

    1. Thank you Andrea! I miss my bob sometimes but I am trying to enjoy my hair at all lengths. My protective styling has allowed me to retain a good amount of length over this last year.


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